Thursday, 10 May 2007


Well it's taken me a while to want to close this blog.
Partly because I didnt want this part of my life to end as it means I have to go back to real life and all the problems and stress this brings, however you all keep asking me to put into words my thoughts and feelings of the whole adventure...

So here goes.
Emma and Paul asked me if I thought they had done the right thing emigrating, and I would have to say its a definate yes, although its hard at the moment as they went over with only 6 boxes and have to replace everything they left behind ( I bought em a rolling pin ) but the future they have there is something I can only dream of. I just wish Paul didnt work so many hours, but then they wouldn't be able to buy all the lovely things they have, and boy do they have some nice stuff ! When they have free time there are so many wonderful places to visit, and Oz is such a big place so their adventures will never end. And hell they are only 21 flying hours away..easy to pop over for a coffee and chat :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the area they have moved to, it seemed clean and very relaxed, and the people in the shops were so friendly, even when I asked them the most dim questions only a pom could ask fact often when I opened my mouth and blonde words came out...I'd just point at my head (as if I wore a dunces hat ) and say sorry I'm a pom
I was a bit disappointed not to see any particular spiders, I was keeping an eye out for deadly ones and snakes, but nope..... except one itsty bitsy one that made Paul run off like a girlie, and I captured and let out the patio door. Only for Paul to pulverize to a pulp.... haha his fear of em ...made me forgot back home I can't touch them only vaccuum them up.
Travelling I found easy once I got the hang of it, catching a plane from one state to another is no different to getting a bus or train, but pretty damn cool, one tip, fly qantas it's better than virgin blue in my experience. I found Melbourne easier to navigate than Sydney, mainly due to the streets being laid out in blocks and the tram systems. Anway I feel all the travelling has made me a much more confident person, and not so timid about getting to places I want.
When Libby and I explained to people that we had never met before, that we were just 2 ladies that had met on a PC when we were first new to the internet, and had remained friends for over 10yrs, the Aussies took it in there stride, it's only in the UK they seem to find it odd. I think we got on well, we have similar humour and can take the piss out of each other, I'm her stinky pom (referring to the fact we brits dont wash) and she's my wrinkly Aussie ( she's 10 yrs older than me) Things for my mate aint always been easy and I like to think I've been there for her through the good times and bad, and it was nice to meet her partner and friends and see how happy she is now... oh and she's fitter than me!!! grrrrrrrr made me climb a huge bloody hill just to see a lighthouse :)
So.... my whole adventure was brilliant, I felt welcome and wanted, and feel I spent the money Dad left me wisely, I still don't think he'd have approved of me being overseas and on so many planes though!!! I think the adventure has made me stronger, more confident and probably a much nicer person. When I first got back I felt quite invinsible, but sadly reality has proved otherwise.

One thing that really did surprise me was the reaction I got when I got home about my blog, initially I felt it was a childlike thing to do, and felt embarassed telling people I had one. RM couldn't be arsed to read through it, just looked at the pics occaisionally, RD never bothered to say if he read it, A read it everyday and commented when I hadn't left a post. Yvette and Kim were apparently like school girls texting each other, making sure each other had seen the newest post, laughing and crying at the emotional parts, Cheryl caught me on MSN a few times saying she loved it, I think John and Auntie Norma were still reading it, Jenny didnt bother and Linda read it when she got back from Spain and cried, she cries at everything !!.........but the surprise of all was Mum, she finally got the hang of technology and followed my adventures....and that was a lovely feeling.
Here's one for the girls to ponder....I thought I'd turned into a fat roly poly bloater ....but nope I didnt gain a single pound, infact I came home 2lbs lighter than I huh !!

And my final thoughts are....... WHEN CAN I COME BACK !!!

Monday, 30 April 2007

Things still to do

Hi everyone I've had some lovely comments about the blog, and I am still going to spend sometime, to close it, I promised Paul and Emma I'd write about my thoughts and feeling of the whole experience. And back at work they were desperate to see if I was now a roly poly fat tub of lard!.

So I shall wait now till I've been back to fat club for my weigh in on Tues night to see what the damage is hahaha
So till then, thanks for your comments its been a surprise how you've reacted to the blog...

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Homeward Bound

Well this will probably be my last post, I have some crazy ideas sometimes, I've realised that I now have over 30hrs travelling to do to get home.
Its 6.15am and in 2 hrs time I need to be on the bus to the airport thats a 2.5 hrs journey , then a 1 hour wait till the flight then 2 hours flight, then about 4hours till my international flight, which takes 9 hours to Singapore then 1 hour there and then 12 hours flight back to blighty

Crazy woman !!!!
Its been an amazing journey mentally and physically....

I will finish the blog after the mamoth journey I really have to leave....!!!

Surprise Surprise !!!

Guess where I am !!!

I present Jessica Pamela Makin.... and the rest of the gang...
You got it!!! I got a flight out and left Libby a day early, left Collaroy at 9.30 am flew at 11.30 am.... landed Melbourne and caught the bus to Franskton at 3.40pm Paul and Shannon kept it a secret and came to meet me at Frankston..and sneaked me into the back of the house!!

Was great to see them all again and hold the baby. Still not been able to persuade them to use my name tho..... never say never is my motto so I am working on it.

Have to set off early tomorrow to get back to Sydney for my flight back to UK...

Anzac Parade

Well I woke really early and switch off my alarm and stayed awake ready to go to the Dawn Anzac Parade, but, my hosts didn't wake early and we missed it, by the time we got there it was over. But we did get a nice egg and bacon butty.

I returned to the house to show dress and prepare for my hectic day...

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

English rain...and blighty

WEll it's 4.25 am, yesterday was supposed to be a visit to the Blue Mountains, but unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to the weather, its pored down all all day, in fact its still raining now as I type, so it was a home day, a lazy day, just posted stuff to RD and Uncle Ray.

Once Macca realised we were home and hadn't been out, he took us out for a meal, I still haven't got used to restaurants where you take your own beer or wine, good idea tho!!

Today I'm supposed to get up early, as we are supposedly off to a dawn ANZAC parade,
(Anzac=Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Anzac day is huge here, its a holiday and most places are closed until after lunch.. "ANZAC Day - 25 April - marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. See I am being educated here, its not just a holiday. But as I sit here, wide awake and ready to go...Libby and Macca are fast asleep!!

Today is my last full day here, you'll never guess where I'm off to be tonight (watch this space!!) I've enjoyed every experience of the Aussie life, and I am going to return, hopefully next time I shall go to Perth, which is where I've always wanted to go, but couldn't get to this time, but now I've done the trip, I might just backpack around Perth then fly across here next time, there's so much I'd like to see, Ayres Rock, Cairnes, and the Barrier Reef.

Going home tomorrow is filled with mixed feelings, it means back to reality and things I have to sort, it means back to work and the pressures there, life here is just so laid back. And it means back to what I think will be a house that will take me weeks to catch up on, I doubt the washing and ironing, vaccuuming,dusting, polishing and garden or in fact much has been done...I'll wait and see.

But one thing I have missed most of all is my kids, they have been in my thoughts everyday, I've seen places they'd love, things I know theyd have wanted, and I think both would like it over here. So a big hug is in order for both of em, even if they do try and wriggle out of my grasp :)

Monday, 23 April 2007

23rd April I am proud to...

Jessica Pamela Makin
hmpffffffffffffff I haven't even made it as a middle name
made her debut
23rd April 2007
at 3.49pm
weighing 9 lbs 10 ozs

and I am..............too far away to visit ...wahhhhhhhhhhhh

Congratulations to you all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday..Sickness illness and PAIN

Woke up this morning expecting to have a helluva headache, but nope, head was fine, veins were intact and no alcohol addiction. But I've woke up to a stinking cold, absolutely full of it, and to make matters worse, it's rained again most of the day, I think it's been ordered by the Aussies to prepare me for my trip back home.

Well this morning I took myself off to the city, missed the first 3 buses but finally managed to flag one down and get myself as far as Manly Wharf and on the ferry. Well girls, there I am sat on my own when next to me sits can only describe him as a "thing". Baldheaded, hairy arms, shoes with platform soles as he's only about 4ft 6 and he keeps looking in my direction, I glance a look and well I'm not showing anything I shouldn't but he still keeps staring. then when I rise to get off the ferry I have to pass by him and he gives one of those leacherous smiles. Then follows me off the ferry and stays close enough for me to feel his presence over my shoulder.... A quick move to the left then the right and dart up a street and I'm too fast for his short arse to follow...haha

I got to see the War Memorial and the fountain and do a little retail therapy, something for RM and RD and treated myself to a black leather photo frame, which I shall have to mail to myself. I darent even try and weigh my case yet. Saw a lovely thing for Dad whilst I was shopping nearly bought it then realisation kicked in and I felt my eyes prickling so made my exit. When Stephen and I were younger Dad used to have a magic wallet and he loved playing the trick with it, and today I came across a credit card would've made Dad smile.

Lib came into Sydney to meet me and we had lunch and browsed but it kept pouring down with rain and I hadn't set off with either a coat or a cardi, so we had to find a shop where I could buy a tshirt as mine was wet and I looked like I was doing a wet tshirt competition.

We headed to Hyde Park and watched 2 guys play chess, R & R would have liked to play I bet. Then we headed off back to the Mall and went in for a massage.... think they were chinese, I'd like to say it was pleasant, but it was 30 minutes of torture. I was prodded poked elbowed kneaded and rubbed in the most painful ways, all I kept thinking was, for christs sake which one of us had this STUPID idea....errr was my idea... must remind myself to engage brain before I open my mouth. I bruise at the drop of a hat anyway, so god knows what I look like now, I'm avoiding the mirrors, however I do feel the moment!!

Sunday what a ripper of a day

Lets see, it started with me getting past the locked gates and heading for a morning walk, how healthy and good was that !!.... got to the newsagents and got a Mars Bar :) ohhh and a few postcards. Wandered the streets a little while, as I hadn't actually seen the local shops.
Macca and Libby were arranging a BBQ or should I now say Barbie, a real Aussie one, so off Libby and I went, and I decided that my contribution would be the meat, and got myself a chicken breast whilst the rest were going to eat red meat. Any way, they had invited some friends round, Leonie and Pete, and John. Libby and Macca prepared the feast and left me to just laze and shower and make myself look....gorgeous....haha well I tried even if I didnt succeed, the guests brought wine...and PRAWNS... fear gripped me as I hadn't ever eaten a prawn and I knew Libby wanted me to go home having tried them :(

It's raining
The heavens opened as we were about to sit down, ahhh cant beat a bit of rain during a was like being back home but there wasn't a burger or sausage in sight, they eat many courses, first it was cheeses and wafer biscuits, then a selection of olives(yuk I tried and spat it out ) salami and stuff with a funny name...but was basially peppers eggplant and stuff i forget...but tasted of wet newspaper, but I loved the cheeses and the peppers and eggplant, its bought from the local italian deli. Then came the.... pink things that filled me with fear .....the men had to promptly show me how to peel em, and men being men, they had to compete at who peeled the best !! Lib peeled one for me and left it on a plate for me to try, I left it there for sometime until no one was watching..then I went for it....YUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK...soon had that spat out. Brits abroad huh....

Me holding the .....PRAWN
Anyway on to the best bit, Chicken marinated macca style...absolutely fantastic !! and this was followed by a great desert Lib made. What a great lunch even if I did let England down. The wine flowed freely through my veins.....and I thought I'd get to have a snooze later... OH NO...we then went off to the Surf Club for drinks... I was already tipsy...... I have to say it was a ripper of a day indeedy

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Day out with Skye

Saturday we headed off to Libbys old house where the children now live, Libby took me to places that were her haunting ground where the kids grew up. Hurstville, some pretty places around there, I got to meet Skye and husband Dave, but Lauren and Rhett were both working.
What a nice girl, even bakes and I had 2 slices of a delicious cake whilst there...and fell in love with Nelson...the dog !
Skye, Lib and I headed off to one of those places with a long name I can't remember and will have to edit this post later when she's awake and can spell it for me. some more pretty spectacular sights thats for sure .. Could'nt flag this biker down to hitch a ride, so looks like its back to the car for me.... what an ace road tho!